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It’s tempting to write till you drop, but sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead and still be fresh.

Finish today’s writing session in mid-sentence. Or with a note of what’s going to happen next. 

That way, when you start writing the next day you don’t have to face the “What shall I write now?” barrier. Your fingers will already be typing, the words will be flowing and your brain will slip into writing mode.

VIDEO: Mark Stay talks about using the above when commuting. Write new stuff on the trip into work and edit on the trip home. When stuck: use the Michael Connelly run-up method.


When you finish a chapter, a draft, your first writing session… celebrate it. You’re doing something extraordinary and that deserves recognition.


Katherine May on finishing and celebrating first/second drafts: “Celebrate every single point of the way because it’s so hard.”
Finish Mid-Sentence – The Bestseller Academy

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Also, know that it gets better. Not easier, necessarily, but as you gain more experience as a writer you will discover your voice. You’ll still get stuck, you’ll still struggle to find the right words, but those fundamentals of getting the words on the page will come to you more readily on your fifth book than on your first. You will develop your problem-solving skills. Hang in there for the long run.