Starting Sept 1st 2020. The Application Window is now open (limited space).

A New Way to Support Your Writing Journey

  • After four years of immersion in The Bestseller Experiment podcast
  • Interviewing writers who have collectively sold over half a billion books
  • Nearly 300 hours of in-depth expert interviews
  • Two movies deals & multi-book deals
  • Spending a year writing and publishing our own bestseller
  • And after hundreds of hours working with wonderful writers like yourself...

    ...We’ve created something very special for you. On 1st September 2020, The Two Marks - aka Desvaux and Stay - with their combined 50 years in the Bookselling, Publishing and Coaching industries are opening the doors to:



We’ve looked at the models of University degrees, Online Courses, Conferences, Writing Retreats and created a unique and immersive experience where writers learn, and get motivated with practical, real-world advice. We are also creating one of the most supportive and inspirational writing communities on the planet. 

And the most important part? It’s about creating your writing dreams, taking action and finishing the best book that you know is inside you. We’ll be there to guide you all the way, and celebrate with you when you write THE END!


Exclusive Content

In-depth Masterclasses with relevant writing assignments for your current project.


Structured Guidance

A step-by-step map meeting you where you are, honouring your unique journey.


Audio Library & Search Engine 

Hours of expert advice, searchable by topic.


Community, Support, Help

The most inspirational and supportive community of like-minded writers.


The Inner Game of Writing

Exclusive Coaching for Writers on everything from productivity, procrastination and habits.

...and LOTS MORE!

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Bestseller Academy is an ever-expanding learning environment that grows with you.


The Bestseller Academy is a premium, self-paced programme for writers who are ready to invest in becoming the very best writer they can be.

Your Schedule

We recognise that many educational organisations expect you to work around their schedule and deadlines. We think this is an outdated approach. You want to invest in your education, but we want to honour that you are unique, and have a unique life. Many of our writers are:

  • Single parents
  • Entrepreneurs & Business owners
  • Working full-time
  • Caring for children or elderly parents
  • Dealing with teens 
  • Commuting
  • Artists with multiple creative outlets
  • Retired but busier than ever
  • Holding down one (or more) jobs.

So we have designed the Academy to with work you. And the best bit… no exams!

Why This Approach Works

Alongside interviewing some of the world’s bestselling authors — Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Joanne Harris, to name just a few — we’ve been running our own experiment. Since 2017, we have built a private group called the BXP Team made up of 200+ writers — people just like you — who joined with dreams and aspirations. We have seen the most incredible results.

Apart from the group declaring itself as “the most inspiring place anywhere on the Internet for Writers”, we have also seen our writers grow to incredible heights. Many joined as:

  • Writers struggling to start and finish a book
  • Those lacking structure in their writing week
  • People who had given up writing

We have watched these writers grow to:

  • Gain agents.
  • Win multi-book major publishing deals.
  • Become bestsellers on Amazon.
  • See their books in major bookstores and supermarkets.
  • Get film deals.
  • Write in completely new genres.
  • Win exclusive audible deals.
    ...The list goes on. 

And did we mention the Awards? From this small group, we have:

  • Two of the five shortlisted writers from 12,000 entries for Amazon’s Kindle Storyteller Award.

  • Ian W. Sainsbury, winner of the 2019 Kindle Storyteller Award ($25,000 prize and potential option for an Amazon Prime series). His book "The Picture on the Fridge" who has gone on to become a Top 10 selling Kindle Book.

  • Lorna Cook, debut author of the Kindle Number 1 Bestseller 'The Forgotten Village', staying in the Kindle Top 100 for four months. It has sold over 150,000 copies, has eleven overseas/foreign language editions, won the Romantic Novelists' Association Katie Fforde Debut Romantic Novel of the Year Award and the RNA Joan Hessayon Award for New Writers.

  • Many other long and shortlist and nominees for Awards including the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize and Comedy Women In Print (CWIP) .


Mark Stay

Bestselling Author of Back to Reality & The End of Magic. Screenwriter of the movies Robot Overlords (Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson) and The Little People. Fifteen years with Orion Publishing Group.

Mark Desvaux

Bestselling Author of Back to Reality, Professional Coach and Speaker for over twenty years. Bestselling Recording Artist. Teacher & Lecturer with over 10,000 students worldwide.

"If you have ever listened to an episode of our podcast, The Bestseller Experiment, you'll know that we want to inspire you to reach your writing dreams, and we are now taking this to a whole new level. 

The Bestseller Academy has been in the making for four years and we can't wait to welcome you to your new Writing Home!"

The Two Marks

What People Are Saying about The Two Marks...


"Just a quick message to say a rather huge thank you for all the inspiring, endless advice. Without the two of you and your fantastic motivation, I'm sure I'd never have got my ridiculous, out of this world, six figure deal.”

Lorna Cook, Author of the Kindle #1 book, "The Forgotten Village"


“Like the hundreds of other authors you have inspired along the way, you two motivated me to put fingers to keyboard once again. You have me believing I CAN be a success. Thank you for the inspiration and the amazing advice.”

Bethany S.


"I would never have got this far without you both. Not only did you help me come to terms with 'being a writer' and identify what exactly I wanted from that idea, but also you have demystified writing and publishing in such a way that I stopped thinking of it as an insurmountable wall but as a path to navigate. Thank you... you've made me brave and excited about writing again, when I had spent a good many years doubting myself and my abilities."

Andrew D.


"I wanted to thank you. I benefit from your hard work, and wanted you to know  you know that what you do matters and is greatly appreciated. I have to admit I was skeptical at first but you have thoroughly won me over with your enthusiasm and humor, insight and mad interviewing chops."

Aggie B.


"I have been working on my book for almost a year now. There was a time when the fire began to fade, but since listening to you, not only has my desire to write been rekindled it has grown into a blazing inferno. You have helped me remember that the fire does not control me, I control it. Thank you for the inspiration, and the gut check."

Matthew C.

Is the Academy Right For You?


  • Want a step-by-step Writer’s Roadmap, giving you weekly structure in your writing.
  • Want guidance in setting goals, targets and milestones.
  • Would benefit from accountability to help finish your book.
  • Want to beat procrastinate, improve your word count and improve your self-motivation and self-esteem.
  • Want to connect with like-minded writers willing to dream big.
  • Thrive on encouragement and support.
  • Want to find relevant advice quickly and easily about what you are specifically stuck on today.
  • Want supportive and honest feedback (and not just kind words from people that don’t want to hurt your feelings).
  • Want to be part of a unique writing community where you are encouraged to ask for help.


If you have ever listened to the Bestseller Experiment, you know we love to dream, but we are also realists. We pride ourselves on being honest, upfront, and saying how it is, but also having lots of fun along the way.

We’ve created this Academy for Dreamers and Realists alike, but we also want to tell you who the Academy is not for:

  • Writer's looking for a get rich quick solution - if you think The Academy will make you rich overnight, we’re not the right choice for you! 
  • Anyone not interested in self-improvement.
  • Anyone not willing to make breakthroughs.
  • Those not willing to support and encourage fellow writers.
  • Quick-fixers who want a short ‘How To’ course to make them the next No.1 million-selling author.
No Risk To You

We are confident anyone joining the Academy will be inspired to create their very best work. We also understand that it is a big investment for you and your career. If you are accepted into the Academy and feel that during the first 30 days it is not right for you, we will refund your fees in full, no questions asked.

The Two Marks


Choose between an annual payment or monthly installments

Annual Fee $1,990

  • Access to everything
  • Save $398 compared to paying monthly
  • Up to $1,000 in annual scholarships available
  • Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee

or $199 Monthly Plan

  • Access to everything
  • Automatic monthly recurring payments
  • The equivalent of a daily cappuccino
  • Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When Is the Application Deadline?

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What does it cost?

Is there a payment plan?

How do the Scholarships work?

How long does the application take?

Will you teach me how to publish a book?

When will I find out if I have got a place?

One last thing... I have another question!

The Application Window is now open (space is limited).

Deadline: 14th August 2020

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