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Why Should You Write a Series?

Some genres work better than others: fantasy, science fiction, procedural crime thrillers all attract the kinds of readers who love to lose themselves in a series. Science Fiction and Fantasy fans love exploring worlds, and Crime readers love to see a detective solve a new crime with each book.

  • One of the main benefits of a series is that once you’ve established your world and characters, you have a solid foundation for your stories and can keep going back for more. All of your time spent developing those worlds and characters can be used again and again and again (and you won’t be left wondering what to write next!)
  • You can build your readership. Many readers who have enjoyed your first book will want more, and they are more likely to buy the sequel to a book they’ve loved than a brand-new standalone. Also, when you have more books available, new readers are more likely to buy the whole series at once, or an omnibus edition of your series.
  • Publishers and algorithms on Amazon love a series. Both traditional publishers and the Kindle algorithms understand that there’s more money to be made selling a series than a standalone. Publishers will be more interested in taking on a trilogy than a standalone. And if you’re going down the indie author route, the eBook retailers are keen to promote series over standalones simply because they make more money.
  • You can set goals and deadlines. Planning to write a trilogy over a year, 18 months or five years will allow you to set clear goals and deadlines for your writing and give you a better sense of direction for your career.
  • You can give away book one in a series as a “lead magnet” for your newsletter. Readers will get book one in the series for free when they sign up to your newsletter, and then you can sell them further books in the series. This has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for many indie authors. 
  • Also, when your book is in a price promotion for 99c, you receive the same royalty payment if your book is 60,000 words or 120,000 words. Why not get paid more per word?