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Who is a First Draft For?

This draft is for you and you alone. It is not going to be as good as the polished novel you see on the bookshelves or just read for your book club. It’s going to be rough and ready. Even the most ardent plotter will wander down dead ends and hit gaps where they just don’t know what happens next. It’s okay if you’re missing names of characters and places, if your dialogue is clunky, and if you haven’t worked out all the details of that thrilling battle sequence. Think of this draft as dirty laundry that no one else gets to see.


The Two Marks discuss why first drafts are often bad: “Until you’ve got to the end of your first draft, you don’t even know what your book is yet.”
Who is a First Draft For? – The Bestseller Academy

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Liz Fenwick on first drafts: “Just accept that it’s terrible”
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We’ve only had one author challenge the assertion that first drafts are bad. Alison Belsham pitched her debut novel The Tattoo Thief at the Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival. She won the Pitch Perfect event, signed with an agent, and sold her first draft to Trapeze/Orion in the UK. Alison’s story is extraordinary, and you can listen to our interview with her here.