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Let’s create a one-page outline of your novel.

This is by no means mandatory — particularly for you ardent pantsers out there — but there is much to be learned from putting together a brief and snappy outline for your story. Not least, it will help you discover or start to reveal the theme of your story.

This doesn’t even have to be done at the beginning of the writing process. A lot of writers will take a break to create a one-pager when they’re stuck — taking a step back to look at the overall story might help give you an idea of why you’re bogged down.

Or it can help when preparing for your second draft. A quick summary of the first draft on one page might help you identify repetition, threads that aren’t working, or chunks where nothing much happens.

A one-pager will also help when it comes to selling your book, either to an agent/publisher, or to readers if you’re an indie author. Sooner or later you are going to have to summarise your book in a pithy way, so why not get some practise in?