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Clips on First Drafts

Here are some other helpful clips from the podcast on first drafts:

Sunday Times bestselling author Erica James on editors, first drafts, rewrites and deleting a whole book: “I wasn’t feeling the love.”
Clips on First Drafts – The Bestseller Academy

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Award-winning author Liz Fenwick on rewriting - how many drafts is too many drafts? “The most I’ve done is 34.”
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Download the checklist of First Draft Ideas and check which ones you are going to commit to trying over the next two weeks.

  • Create a habit
  • Find a space
  • Set your daily word count target
  • Visualise the scene
  • Get it down
  • You don’t have to start on page one
  • Don’t hold back
  • Focus on one thing
  • Finish mid-sentence