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  • Mark Desvaux

    Mark Desvaux

    November 3, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    This is an example of everything I love about your willingness to dream big and go for it Sadye! I hope others read this and it inspires them. You can never dream too big in the Academy. There is no such thing as being too ambitious here 🙂 Going for one of the most prestigious publications is exactly what I want to encourage here.

    When you step back from this you see only good things will come from it…

    – A possible beta reader! (Would they have engaged like they did if you had gone for a local paper instead?)

    – The immensely valuable experience gained of going through this process.

    – No-doubt pushing yourself to write at your very highest level?

    – The excitement of the seed being planted and the creation of the possibility that something may happen. (I love the excitement of checking my inbox… just in case).

    – Could your next opportunity be one they approach you about?

    And what will you learn if you don’t get a “Yes” (this time round)?

    – You get to practice getting over rejection (something we all have to move beyond)

    – You get to try again (with the experience of the previous journey)

    – You’ve also broken through a comfort zone so no matter what, you will continue to be more adventurous moving forward.

    BUT…. what if…. what if they love it?

    – How could that change your life? How will “As published in the NYT look on your resume?”

    – What contacts might you make?

    – Could your next opportunity be one they approach you about?

    Well done Sadye! Please let us know how things pan out, so we can celebrate either way.