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    Chris Everheart

    November 3, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    Today I’m on track and on schedule. I got over 1,200 words written and about 40 minutes of editing. The writing is on the novelization of my comic book series first 4 issues. Each 4-issue set has its own story arc and is perfect for a novelization and graphic novel compilation (with bonus material). So, basically I’m working from the comic book script and the finished issues (1-3) with issue 4 on the artist’s desk now. It’s fun and a different way to see the work. My comic book partner is working on draft 1 of the next story arc.

    The editing I’m doing now is on a previously self-published trilogy YA thriller that I’m planning to re-launch. It needed some editing touch-ups (especially a new ending for Book 1). I have a partner now for the self-publishing business who is getting herself up to speed. Our first project will be the re-launch.

    Next project will be a YA thriller series/trilogy that I’ve worked out a lot of the story for already – and should be good for the beta blurb module, since it’s pretty well worked out. Looking forward to picking it up again soon.

    I really need to plan and guard my writing/editing time. I’ve been able to switch it to mornings, which helps get the work done during my prime attention time (evenings are no good lately). But it’s easy to let other things creep in and take that time.