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    Chris Lowenstein

    October 26, 2020 at 4:18 am

    Well, I’m nearing the end of October. I’ve found I tend to write about five days per week. Writing every single day is still a challenge for me. What I have discovered is that when I do write, I am beginning to write more than the 200 word minimum. I have even written a little over 1,000 words at one sitting for the first time. I continue to think about my story and how to plot it (or, rather, how much of it to plot in advance.)

    Here are the specific things I did this month:

    • I have now completed 10 courses on the Bestseller Academy.
    • I wrote and posted my beta blurb.
    • I revised and rewrote my beta blurb (any feedback on this new version would be much appreciated).
    • I wrote and posted my pitch.
    • I began to put in place a plan for plotting my book. I started writing as a pantser, but am finding that I need to plan out some things in order to get the pacing right and to keep track of my ideas.
    • Although I didn’t write 200 words each and every day this month, I wrote more days than not, and the total word count for each week exceeds the 1400 word minimum.

    Interestingly, my day job (high school teacher) has been incredibly stressful since last March due to Covid, and it has been even more stressful this month, as my administrators recently told teachers that they want us to return to the classroom in early November. (We’ve been teaching online from home for seven months.) I find I am writing more these days, and that is probably because writing is giving me a temporary escape from my worries about returning to teaching students in person at the height of a global pandemic. It’s strange how pressure can cause stress but can also motivate.