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    Chris Lowenstein

    October 26, 2020 at 3:40 am

    Thanks so much all for the great advice on my beta blurb for the biblio-mystery I’m writing. I’ve spent some time re-working my blurb and wondering if I can get some more feedback. Thanks to any who can help!


    From English teacher to FBI Agent . . .

    When former rare book dealer Kate Callaway is pulled away from her teaching job to help the FBI investigate a headline-grabbing heist of priceless rare books on loan to a museum, she wonders what she’s getting herself into.

    After all, she’s just a minivan-driving mother of teenagers trying to make a living in pricey Silicon Valley. She reluctantly leaves her sons and students behind to brief the FBI Art Crimes Team. The topic: an important rare book Kate unearthed and sold as a fledgling rare book dealer.

    Kate soon finds herself immersed in a world she thought she had left behind — the cut-throat and high stakes arena of rare book collecting — along with the new and somewhat unsettling experience of tracking and chasing a criminal before he snares another piece of historical treasure. In an adventure that will transport her far from her dank high school classroom to the rarefied air of San Francisco auction rooms to the Silicon Valley salons of the technocratic intelligentsia to a medieval English book town, Kate pieces together what was once a collection of brilliant things . . . <i style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>if what she discovers between the covers doesn’t lead to her demise first . . .