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    Pippa Hillebrand

    October 23, 2020 at 3:51 am

    [2020/10/23] – Well there’s a gap in the timeline. Fun. I have had some mental stuff to work through, which has taken me away from some of the things I do because I choose to rather than because I have to (like writing).

    I managed to do some DnD writing last Friday (16th) because I had people counting on me to have some kind of story for them.

    And I broke through a tough spot in the book where I changed the way a character is acting, but didn’t want to change the plot points. So it is still weird, and the plot feels odd, but now I can use that to feed into later ideas.

    Today the plan is to spend a little bit of time writing this morning, and then I have DnD again tonight. If this plan works out then I can get back to my habit, and maybe do some loose plotting for NaNo in the next two weeks, whilst also packing up to move.