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    Darren Bodey

    October 20, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Hi Barb,

    I’m muttering negative’s comments to myself and trying to get my blurb right so I’d thought I’d take a break and head over to your book hook 🙂 Whilst it’s well written I do think it lies somewhere between a blurb and a hook, certainly in length. I’ve not done my own yet but I’ve started thinking more about how I would answer the question, ‘what’s your book about?’ if anybody asked. I’ve literally seen people start to glaze over whilst I rambled on (yours doesn’t ramble by the way). So, if it was to a friend or on a radio interview, I would want them to have just enough info to identify the type/genre of book, to see if it would be something they’d be interested in, something about the main character and something about the challenge/conflict or question the story is answering, in maybe two sentences. I may be wrong (I need to have a look at the course again) but my feeling is you have 5 – 10 seconds to make the person think ‘I’d love to know what happens’ and then maybe want more info.

    Hope that helps,