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    Adam Jarvis

    October 17, 2020 at 1:04 am

    Slower these last few days, as I’ve caught up on some marking and also let my brain rest.

    Still got in at least 20-30 minutes of editing each day, most of it focused on my short story Will Destroy for Food. Nearly finished with that. However, the theme of the contest was announced as ‘community’, so I suspect my short story will need to find another home.

    I’ve also been jotting down new ideas or potential edits using comments throughout Ribbon Road, staying away from doing anything substantial to it yet, as I’d still like to give it some time to rest.

    Finished celebrating the completion of my dream declaration by buying a bottle of one of my favourite cognacs, Courvoisier VSOP. Also tried the Martell VS at the recommendation of the guy at the store. The latter is not the worst I’ve tasted, but I’ll stick with the former.

    Read both John Yorke’s Into the Woods and Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities. Realized I still have a very, very long way to go with my own story.