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    Chris Everheart

    October 16, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Love the concept, Chris. It sounds like by combining two story ideas you’re finding a full character and adventure.

    My note on the blurb would be to continually raise the stakes. For example:

    First, she must leave her secure job and her teenagers alone

    Next, she must agree to re-enter a world she left behind (for good reason – ie: personal/psychological/relationship “danger” – does her ex-life partner and other parent to her children work in that world?)

    Next, she must reassume the identity/characteristics that she detested

    Next, she gets caught up in a murder-for-books ring

    Etc… Until the ultimate danger – her life on the line, her family in peril

    Finally, she must confront the danger or lose it all …

    Hope that helps. I’m a big fan of history and archaeology and books. Can’t wait to read more about this story.