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    Mark Hood

    October 12, 2020 at 9:42 am

    Chris, I would read that! The contrast of my preconceived ideas about a single mother and an FBI special agent would be great to see played out. And I love old books!

    As for the blurb, it’s good, and I feel like it’ll be a great thriller. But I found some of it a little confusing. In the first two paragraphs she’s described as a former book dealer, teacher, single mother… It’s great to know who she is, and I know that it’s common for women to be reduced to a single role in life, but I feel it might be stronger to play up the single mom / former life angle at the risk of minimising her life as a teacher. (You’ll always have her as a strong, multi-tasking character in the book, of course!) You can also use shorthand terms to introduce the ideas… “Minivan-driving single mother of teenagers” could be:

    “When soccer mom Kate Callaway is approached by the FBI to help on a high-profile case, she’s drawn back into the competitive underworld of rare book dealers she thought she’d left behind.”

    Also if it were me, I would take out anything that’s not strictly relevant to hooking your readers. Silicon Valley, Golden Gate Park, etc. They’re great flavour and I bet you make great use of these locations in the book, but (in my opinion) they get in the way of hooking the reader in the blurb.

    That said, I do like at the end when you describe how she’s going from San Francisco Auction rooms to Medieval English Book Towns – that’s proper thriller stuff to let you know it’s world-spanning and global in scope. Also it’s a nice contrast at the end with what we assume is a quiet, suburban life in the beginning.

    Can’t wait to read it!