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    Julie Jacobsen

    October 6, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    The week wasn’t bad, just busy. The new order of my first chapter has taken shape and I’m feeling better about the editing process, except that it is taking longer than I wanted. Ugh. I must be the slowest writer in the world! Also, the work flow of my week has fallen into a nice groove. My one complaint there is that the latter part of my week is so exhausting with the closing of the shop that I don’t have much energy to engage here at Academy. Looking forward to November when I don’t have that exhausting distraction anymore (though I will miss the paycheck).


    I’m still working through my blurb worksheets. This week I want to finish my second blurb draft. I like the idea of having 3 completely different versions that I can potentially morph into one.

    Complete the last new scene I am inserting into Ch 1. (I’m sure my goals should be more aggressive, but there is much on my calendar this week so my writing time is decreased).

    Finish watching the craft coaching call (I had to leave it prematurely).

    Feels like the tortoise and the hare, but I’m determined to finish!