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    Kell Shaw

    October 4, 2020 at 12:09 am

    So, I’ve completed the first round of playtesting on the RPG, and will do another draft with all of the feedback. During the playtesting, people asked questions about the world, which will loop back nicely into the novel.

    While plotting out the urban fantasy (now mucking around with the ‘Save the Cat’ beat sheet structure’) I tried to finish off the epic fantasy based on my normal pantsing style, but got stuck on the conclusion. I think I will put this aside, structure/write urban fantasy project, and then restructure the epic fantasy when I’ve completed 1st draft of urban fantasy. I’m going away to Mum’s place for a week shortly, and she has no internet, so I will take a stack of index cards, ‘Save the Cat Writes a Novel’ and see if I can finish off the beat sheet project by then.