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    Kell Shaw

    September 23, 2020 at 4:09 am

    Nearly finished first playtest of urban fantasy RPG. Got lots of feedback; it looks like the workflow will be draft->playtest->update draft in a loop until most of the crap is ironed out.

    Figuring out outlining methods for new novel. So far have tried beats, and now index cards in Scrivener. Some tutorials recommend 60+ scene cards, while others focus on 20+ based around the hero’s journey.

    Still working on the end of the epic fantasy novel (which was unplanned from start to finish, with lots of re-writes and deadends) mainly by throwing lots of words at it.

    I thought I’d neatly start and stop each project, but it looks like I’m working a bit on each one depending on where the mood takes me. Working on the more technical bits like game design/scene outlining is a good warm-up for the actual creating writing. This is good as in order to get an ending for the epic fantasy book, it’s about throwing blobs of words out until something take shapes. I’ll see how the perfectly outlined book contrasts when I start working on it.