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    Joe Ruiz

    September 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    So, 22 days after I made my initial declaration, I am not even close to what I thought I would be. A failure so epic that it doesn’t even feel like a failure. I can only look back speechless. As if I had witnessed a tornado sweep up a cow. It just happened. I wrote a lot of words signifying mostly nothing. Here is where that 200 word a day habit becomes more critical than ever. Without the habit, I can see that it would be impossible to get anything done within any reasonable period. So, there is still a good chance I can make my goal of a 65k book by Thanksgiving (Nov.26), that crazy holiday we have here in the states. That would mean 1000 words a day for the next 65 days. Not impossible at all. But those 1000 words have to be meaningful. I’ve also resolved not to take myself so seriously.

    I downloaded a book by Lawrence Block, The Liar’s Bible, essentially collecting columns from his Writers Digest days. You want to talk about prolific; this guy was a writing machine. Anyway, I enjoy reading writing how-to’s from pre-tech days, as they mostly talk about writing and less about productivity or selling books. There was nothing mind-blowing in the book except that he writes about writing as a writer. It’s what he did. There is little about overcoming procrastination or getting past blockages or exponential word count productivity. He had rent to pay, so he wrote. Not that he didn’t enjoy it, but it was how he made his living. That simplified it for me a little as it’s allowed me to think a little differently about this writing journey. So I said to myself, self, how about you relax, get off the internet and Facebook writing groups (except BXP, of course!), and write a little? Back in the day, talking the early 90s, I wrote a fair bit. There wasn’t much to distract me. I wrote my first screenplay on an Underwood electric typewriter, all formatted manually. I want to get back to that simplicity. So, here is giving it a go again. I almost want to yell, “once more into the breach, dear friends…”!