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    Robyn Sarty

    September 22, 2020 at 12:08 am

    Word count for the last seven days: 1,795 for a total of 11,840 words since September 1.

    Had a low goal week as it was our anniversary, and we had family over to help with construction on the house.

    I’ve been writing a short story for to send to my newsletter for Christmas and I’m having a ton of fun with this story. Explosions and Santa Clauses make for an exciting time!

    A fabulous opportunity opened up, which means I have to add another story to my goals for 2020. So my current story needs to be finished sooner than my current target of the end of October. Will keep on as I am, and will see how it goes this week. We’ve got a hurricane coming, so potentially won’t have power for several days. I’ve been hand writing thus far, so I might continue on that way.