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    Pippa Hillebrand

    September 19, 2020 at 5:44 am

    [2020/09/19] – Morning.

    Hmmm. So, it isn’t that I have been ignoring Eish, or Ash, exactly. But it has been tough to spend time focussing on the edits without worrying about the final plot. And honestly the courses are making it clear that I don’t really know where this story might end, which means I need to figure that out, and I have a tendency to pants these things to the point of “I need a climactic ending scene” and not know what it is. Which is exactly why I have a couple of half-novels lying around.

    I will log words for yesterday, because I wrote for my D&D campaign. And that is still writing. But I over categorise things, and so I feel a little bit like “only count words you wrote towards Eish” at the Word Bank.

    Today, I hope to finish the chapter of Eish I am currently editing.