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    Kell Shaw

    September 16, 2020 at 5:13 am

    Urban fantasy rpg is in playtest now – getting feedback from group about the system. I’ll write a few adventures for it and see how this goes. This should hopefully create a positive feedback loop for the worldbuilding.

    New Novel – this is the one in the urban fantasy setting, that’s being written expressly from scratch with the course material. I’ve started a little outline file based on the worksheets. So far I’ve sketched out a rough outline, done beta blurb and book hook, and done bios for the characters. This is the most planning I’ve ever done before starting a novel! Need to do some more work on the structuring. Actually, the character bios were good, as I was able to figure out the antagonist’s motivations more clearly.

    Old Epic Fantasy book – Trying to just write the ending (I figure I’ll need something in place to fix rather than just let stop.) Doing little bits of this each day to keep momentum.

    It’s hard to spread myself over three projects but it seems to work better than focusing on one at a time. I should finish Old Epic Fantasy and get RPG into more development editing mode around November, which is when I plan to start writing the new novel from the outline.