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    Brian Liew [YA-SF-GrimDark]

    September 15, 2020 at 10:20 am

    Hi Darren,

    Hmm, I can’t see all of your post now that this window is in the way Frowning naughty UI.

    You said this is not your genre. Just to be clear to everyone, this is grimdark Science Fiction (set amongst aliens on another planet) with a target audience of YA.

    Here’s the real what’s-what of the story (I’m pantsing this so … subject to change as the character’s see fit).

    Also note that all this plot predates 2020 (I added this after writing the below because I felt like it needed to be written)


    Zethar, by using [ZR], used to rule pretty much all the known world. The religion has a book called ‘the Stipulations’ which is like the Ten Commandments but actually pretty useful and there were thousands of Stipulations. There are then (within the religion) supernatural beings called Watchers who watch what everyone does and reports this to the Judges who make decrees of punishment/reward which is enacted by the Enactors. A unionised pantheon.

    Unbeknownst to the people of the world, humans are in orbit, observing the planet. Until a stray rock smashes into the space station causing them to abandon ship and land on the planet. “Observer” becomes “Watcher” and bam, these ordinary humans are thought to be deities. When the humans explain they are not deities, things start to go bad for [ZR]. This is “the Fall” and almost all nations cling to this as reason to liberate themselves from [ZR] and Zethar. Mostly due to reasons of autonomy rather than anything as noble as atheism.

    Events in the Book(s)

    Fast forward 84 years, about 3 generations, and proponents of [ZR] (not Zethar itself), are trying to regain power. The Watchers/Humans did not fall in Zethar, they fell in Kunna and Artha and moved to Kunna where the then monarch gave them a slither of land on which to live. This is why Kunna is primarily the target of the [ZR] zealots. Also, Kunna was always a fairly strong naval nation which they only improved upon since the Fall and so are effectively the super power now.

    [ZR] are attacking Kunna on two flanks. One is via lies/rumours and generally fomenting unrest as well as directly backing the assassinations. It is this one that drives Nemzet’s (the Heir’s) story. The second is effectively germ warfare – a disease to which the Zefari are mostly immune. It is this that drive’s Kes’ (the Arthan) story.

    Gion’s story is driven by both, but more subtly.

    Desht is effectively an innocent vector for deploying the disease.

    So, all in all a delightful and upbeat romp.

    As I said, this was conceived before 2020 plagiarised my ideas.