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    Dominique Simpson

    September 12, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    I have really enjoyed reading these posts and finding out more about everyone here!

    I work for an educational technology company that supplies management information systems for schools. I used to be a primary school teacher but after having our son it didn’t feel right to put him into childcare and go and work with other people’s kids all day. I went back to work when Garth started full-time school and was really lucky to find the guys I am with now. As a young tech-startup the road was pretty bumpy so I decided to leave a few years ago but have been tempted back by the amazing new management team. I started off on a 6-month project, more for me to test the water and see if things really had changed as much as people were saying. I was so pleased to discover that the great things about the business were still there and the reasons I left (disorganisation, micro-management and backbiting) had been wheedled out by the new management. They recently offered me a permanent full-time contract which I decided to take as my husband owns and runs a hospitality business and in this current climate we would be mad to rely on him as the only wage coming in.

    I help Ed with the pub and as we live upstairs I can’t escape helping out!! It is in a beautiful Cotswold village and we have some lovely friends that we have made through running the pub.

    I love crafts and if I am not reading I love sewing, crochet and making paper flowers.