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    Jan Carr

    September 10, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    That’s a great blurb for 40 mins!

    Talia and Tasya – Sometimes when I read quickly I might just catch the beginning of the word and assume the rest. If I’m reading blurbs for real ie to find my next book I’ll read it them quickly. Do you get Reedsy emails? The latest one from Ricardo Fayet is all about blurbs

    Because of the mention of RUSSIAN ‘Night Witches’ I wondered if we were in Russia – I worked it out later – Grandma was a refugee so guessing the story’s set in Canada. If you hadn’t included ‘Russian’ it might not have occurred to me to wonder.

    I might have gone off on the wrong track because the blurb made me think of Captain Marvel!

    When I was figuring out my TWG1 blurb, I was referring to The Blackshirts – obviously they needed explanation for younger readers but some adults didn’t know who they were – it just tripped them up so I added the 5 words of explanation. Of course yours is for adult readers so Night Witches might prompt readers to research like it did me!

    Just letting you know what tripped me up – if I’m a lone voice – ignore me!

    ( None of this would stop *me* picking the book up.)