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    Denise Ganley

    September 9, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Here’s what I have for the Indecent Hour:

    The Indecent Hour

    Samuel Bul, a refugee from South Sudan, is just looking for a second job to support his family when he discovers the body of his social worker and personal hero. Abigail Jackson taught him how to order a cheeseburger, how to operate a washing machine, and she’s the one who hooked him up with the ice cream truck which is how he makes his living. She saved his family.

    Sam thought he had traded death for the promise of security when he came to America, but Abigail’s brutal murder shakes his faith in his friends and neighbors. The Phoenix Police have identified Sam as their prime suspect, threatening his naturalization status and the safety of his family. To make matters worse, tensions have been high between the police and the refugee community, effectively stalling the investigation. Now no one is seeking justice for Abigail.

    Sam’s only sure about one thing; he has a debt to repay. And he might be the only one willing and able to navigate a distrustful refugee community to find Abigail’s killer.