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    Kerrie Oman

    September 7, 2020 at 10:36 am

    Hi Aaron, sounds intriguing. It is something IWRT. I

    Hopefully someone who is better than me at blurbs will comment, but I don’t think you need the world history in there.


    The Red Light System – where peace is as tenuous as the truth.

    When a mysterious object enters the Red Light System, the geographical upheaval caused is second only to the upheaval in the lives of five Red Lighters (name of people?).

    Then put your character info in.

    You could also go character-based. Something like …

    When [teenage girl] is accused of killing her family, the only one who believes her is [journalist]. He knows that this is just the latest disappearance under mysterious circumstances. His (their?) path collides with …