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    Laura Regan

    September 5, 2020 at 8:59 am

    Rhys Hoffman is dead.

    The blood trail leads back to Nia Fisher’s former boss, Andrew ‘Dru’ Church and his right hand man Hector Russel. Vengeance drags Fisher back into the magical realm of the Vanguard, a place she helped turn into an underground world of mercenaries with a thriving black market. As she hunts Hector Russel through the Vanguard to gain access to Church’s compound, Fisher must rely on the aid of an old “friend” – the unreliable sellsword Jackdaw.

    Fisher, Jackdaw and his two derelict companions Warwick the hedgehog and Ranger the half-wit mutt, must find the three fragments of the Hell Hammer if they have any hope of survival.

    Fisher’s list of enemies grows, while Dru Church does all he can to make sure that it’s her blood that runs through the Vanguard.