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    Derek Miller

    September 5, 2020 at 4:36 am

    Don’t be jealous when you find out I live in Minford, Ohio, USA. It is right next to Muletown, Ohio. No lie! I am so excited and jealous of some of the locations you live in. Be assured once COVID is lifted my wife and I will be looking to crash on some of your living room floors!

    The favorite genre and author questions are hard to answer. Recently I conquered colon cancer and ended chemo in June. So for about a year it couldn’t read and write with any passion and comprehension with those stupid chemicals floating in my brain. But if I have to say my favorite author right now is my mother Serena B Miller. She and I plot and write together and since my cancer is done, we are planning to come out of the gates of cancer hell kicking the production of quality content hard. But mostly what I have been reading is craft and business books/blogs/podcasts by Joanna Penn, Dean Wesley Smith, and his wife Kristine Rusch.

    So I have multiple goals which could be a challenge for Mark and Mark. I’m just going to call them M&Ms now. The first one is to get my writing/health life back using the life coaching aspect after cancer (No pressure M&M). Goal 2 is I have started a YA book I’ve titled the Appalachian Dragon. Its about a girl who comes across a dragon in the mountains of West Virginia. I don’t know yet how big I want the series to be but I’ve been thinking about using Dean Koontz Nameless Series model of a bunch of short books. Just not sure yet.

    I have so many writing dreams right now. Of course, the big one is to be able to quit my day job. Being an HR Manager of a Department of Energy Contaminated Site being cleaned up was not exactly my dream as a little boy :). It’s a good job. Just ready to be my own boss. The second dream is to make it to the USA/New York Times bestseller list. The third dream write and produce my own movie. We have worked to make Two of my mother’s books be turned into tv movies and we have a third in the works. I want one that has my name on it. But not only that I want an Oscar or an Emmy for my writing. Next, I want to fly to mars…then….:)