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    Mike Revell

    September 4, 2020 at 10:28 am

    I asked my doctor friend, and he said:

    If they’re unconscious, one option would be to give an overdose of morphine, perhaps appearing as though it’s a small amount for pain relief, or giving an alternative opioid with higher concentration, ie remifentanyl, fentanyl, or oxycodone


    If someone had significant head injury perhaps with aneurysmal bleed with resultant cerebral salt wasting syndrome, which causes hyponatraemia (low blood sodium) intentionally corrected too quick with IV saline 0.9% which results in central pontine myelinolysis, coma and death🤔

    Alternatively outside of the concussion context you could swap out normal IV fluids for straight potassium chloride to induce instantaneous cardiac arrest ie. surreptitiously administer high dose short acting insulin or actrapid/novarapid to cause fatal Hypoglycaemia, coma and death