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    Chris Lowenstein

    September 4, 2020 at 4:03 am

    Hi Sadye,

    Nice to met a fellow football fan. I have not seen “Wildcats” but will try to check it out. I became interested in football because the high school where I teach is very competitive in the athletic arena. We have good college-preparatory academics as well, but many families choose the school based on the reputation of the athletic program.

    When I was a new teacher at the school, in order to learn how to motivate a room full of teenage boys, I asked our football coaches if I could hang around the sidelines during games so I could observe how they spoke to their players and what made the players respond. My students got used to seeing me at games, and now they ask me at the end of each week if I will be attending their game. I never miss a game. It has helped me get to know many students and their families and supporters. It’s lots of fun and I have learned a great deal about a game which I neither understood nor respected prior to working at this school. During football season, I sometimes feel as if I am living in an episode of the TV show “Friday Night Lights”. I have travelled with the team to two state championships in recent years. It is quite exciting at times and opened up to me a world which I had not known anything about.