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    Joe Ruiz

    September 3, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    Hello All! Joe Ruiz here from New York City. I read a wide variety of genres, including the dreaded “literature” and indie and trad published books. I am excited to be part of this writing community!

    Some of my favorite authors are James Lee Burke, Lawrence Osborne, Emily St. John Mandel, Jim Thompson, and my all-time favorite- Elmore Leonard. But the genre that I think I write best in is probably a hard-boiled or gritty noir mystery style.

    I’ve been told I have great dialogue. However, I think my descriptive powers are lacking. And since I am not writing a play, that is something I seriously have to work on. I also have several ideas in the works that I’ve done a chapter or two on and a few screenplay ideas that I’ve played with. These ideas might be for another time.

    My primary problem is too many ideas and no execution. I’ve settled on a three-book mystery series: No Honest Man, No Honest Woman, and No Honest People. You can guess what the primary problem is in each of these books. Probably 60-65k words, respectively. Even the cover designs are conceptualized. Up to a week ago, I struggled with the main character. All the other characters had revealed themselves; they are waiting patiently in the character lounge. The main character is talking to me now. I think he was waiting for me to get serious about this.

    This is the plan and the idea, but who knows what will happen in the Bestseller Academy? If it turns out one of my other ideas is more viable in the sifting, then it could all change. I don’t love one idea more than others necessarily, but I can only write one at a time.

    Right now, my biggest writing dream is to get this idea (or the best one) in the works. At an absolute minimum, I want to get that first book off the ground. That would make me very happy. All that other stuff about Amazon algorithms and Facebook ads and bestseller lists take a back seat until I hit “The End” on that first book. A bottle of Glenlivet 12 is waiting!