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    aaron brooks

    September 3, 2020 at 8:07 am

    Well hello there beautiful people:) Aaron Brooks from Vancouver, BC.

    I’m a sucker for fantastical science-fiction adventure thrill rides that simultaneously horrify and damage you psychologically, yet tickle your funny bone with witty banter. It’s like my taste in music. Like everything from Johnny Cash, to Mo-town, Vivaldi, and Kanye (although our opinions on Harriet Tubman and Pizzagate may differ, I love his shit).

    My favorites (I know-I know–I’m from Canada but I spell the American way, please forgive me oh red underline of failure): Brian K Vaughn, Ann Leckie, Joe Abercrombie, Will ferrel/Adam Mckay, Gillian Flynn, George RR, Douglas Adams, Vonnegut, Tarantino, Paul Schrader, Chayefskey, Stephen King, Elmore Leonard, Atwood, Lindelof, Alan Ball, William Goldman, and Andrew Kevin Walker (Se7ven is perfection).

    I’ve been writing for film/TV for 12 years and–during lockdown– wrote my first novel. Revising the dirty draft at present for 1st book in an adult sci-fi series. My goal is to find acadamates to share notes and feedback with, so we can inspire and encourage each other. And with your help–and the Two Marks–finish the 1st & 2nd books, and self publish the series. Also got an idea for a horror/psych thriller novella that I want to tackle.

    Goals… Hmmm… Oscar… Emmy… Hugo… Pulitzer… Or if George RR Martin came up to me and said — “Hey Brooks, read your stuff, not bad at all” — I could die happy.