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    Rose Thompson

    September 2, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    Hi Robyn

    I hope so – I have a pitch but was trying to do my introduction in a bit of a rush earlier as I have a small baby and was trying to fit it into his nap time – I think it backfired as I didn’t really do a good job of introducing myself, and I couldn’t edit the post later on for some reason.

    Here is the pitch anyway:

    Environmental destruction and climate change rage, and the world stands on the precipice of disaster. But, deep in the forest, an old magic is stirring. Julianne and Daisy are flatmates in London, living unaware of their latent powers. Meanwhile, a Goblin lurks in the shadows. Julianne is an artist who is struggling to recover from a past filled with trauma at the hands of an ex boyfriend. Daisy is a midwife, who has lived with Julianne for many years. But change is in the air. As spring turns to summer both women become aware of powers that are a little less than normal, and set off on the path to discover their true selves, and to finally confront the Goblin.