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An introduction to the basics of worldbuilding. This is ideal for writers creating future fantasy and science fiction bestsellers, but there are plenty of useful tips for writers working in contemporary and historical fiction.

Worldbuilding: An Introduction

When you think of worldbuilding, what first comes to mind? Epic fantasy worlds by the likes of Tolkien or George RR Martin, perhaps? Or futuristic dystopias where society had broken down? Or an allegorical world divided by warring civilisations? These kinds of stories readily lend themselves to detailed and complex worldbuilding, and that can be intimidating. Do you really have to imagine an entire civilization before you even start chapter one?

When a reader enters your world, they will need signposts to guide them. Little signals to show them how the world works. Done well, this can enhance the world for your reader. Done badly, it can be like sending them on a bus tour of an unfamiliar city with a boring guide droning over a faulty microphone.