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Gain a better understanding of genre to help your writing and your career.


Genre-hopping is fun for a writer (I know, I’ve done it myself, as have the likes of Neil Gaiman, Joanne Harris and Stephen King), but a word of caution: many multi-million bestselling authors are known for one genre. Lee Child writes thrillers, John Grisham writes courtroom dramas, Jill Mansell writes RomComs etc. Authors like this go deep and become master storytellers in that genre. Establishing yourself in one genre will help build a readership and a brand. It was only after selling millions of copies of his thrillers, that James Patterson decided to branch out into his golf novels and children’s books (yes, really). Some will find a niche genre that they can dominate. Look at the success of Shannon Mayer in various niche urban fantasy subgenres (reverse harem and the like!). Niche can be the new big.