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Learn how to prepare and edit the first draft of your novel.

You’ve finished the first draft of your book! Congratulations. Do a little dance. Celebrate. Treat yourself. Seriously. This is a big deal. Very few first-time writers get this far, and what you’ve achieved is extraordinary. Take the time to celebrate properly… because there’s more work (fun work!) ahead.

To move forward with your second draft, you will need to develop editing skills, because you’re doing this part on your own.

Beta readers are further down the line. Editors are further down the line. Do not pay for an editor until you go word blind. That is, when you get to the point where you have done all you possibly can to improve the text and cannot see how to make any further changes. Only then do you need a fresh pair of eyes who will see all the flaws you have missed.

But, before then, here are some strategies to help you edit that first draft.