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Comparison Titles

Another route to choose your word count is to look at “Comparison Titles”. Comparison Titles are books which you would like to see your book next to in a bookstore. On Amazon they would be the “Also Bought” books (‘Customers who bought this item also bought’).

Here’s a quick and easy way to get a very rough word count of these books. Either with your physical hard copy or using Amazon’s feature by clicking the front cover on Amazon:

  1. Randomly open the book to a full page of text.
  2. Count the average words of a full line.
  3. Count the number of lines on a page.
  4. Multiply the figures you got for (2) and (3) above, and then multiple this number by the number of pages in the book.
  5. Divide by 50% - This takes into account all the half lines and half pages of text.


I tried this for Back to Reality (which is 90,000 words).

(A) Average words per Line


(B) Lines per page


(C) Number of Pages


(D) Total words (A x B x C = 13 x 35 x 375)


Divide (D) by 50%


Using this formula I was off by just under 5,000 words, or roughly 5%.