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    Julie Jacobsen

    October 28, 2020 at 7:39 pm

    My progress logs for the last 3 weeks have disappeared so I hope this one actually shows up. Still waiting to hear back from Mark as to what the problem may be. Knowing my low tech skill level, I’m probably pushing a wrong button.

    I’ve become word blind to my first chapter. My instinct is to leave it alone for awhile and come back later with fresh eyes (something Mark S. confirmed in our last call with him) but my desire to be done with it keeps me circling back. However, I’m still word blind to the problems and will be forcing myself forward for the time being.

    GOAL for this week: Finish the plotting worksheets then move forward in my editing. Only two more weekends at the shop! I hope I will find time after it closes to give more attention to the writing community here at Academy.

    Okay, pushing the post button now. Hope it works this time!