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    Chris Everheart

    October 27, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    Holy cow! I got offtrack for a while. Yesterday, I logged over 5,000 words and 80 minutes of editing because I’d been forgetting to jump on the word bank. I wasn’t feeling well for a week and that got me off my regular schedule, too, and last week I had to make up for work missed and income, so I didn’t get a lot of writing done.

    Today, I did over 1,400 words, and I feel like I’m getting back on a regular schedule – and I remembered to put them in the word bank.

    I’ve been struggling with the book blurb section of training. I realized why after a talk with a writer friend. The project I’ve been developing is not mature enough for me to answer many of the questions I’m finding in various story development guides (including the BXP blurb guide) so I think I’m going to set that one aside and pick up another one that is better developed. That will make it easier to write my blurb and outline the book(s) – a trilogy at least.

    So, I’m off to work now and plan to get some writing/editing in tomorrow on my comic book project because I am meeting with my comic book partner.