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    Adam Jarvis

    October 24, 2020 at 3:03 am

    Finished reading Einstein’s Monsters and A Wrinkle in Time. Black holes are really, really cool. Lots of ideas generated for improving Ribbon Road.

    Finished editing Will Destroy for Food, my own short. The story is a metaphor for the experience of refugees and our treatment of “other” within western society. It won’t win the contest I’d originally thought it for but I might enter it anyway to support the organization running the contest (the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Author’s Association). Unless I can come up with a better short story idea the idea of ‘community’ (and specifically a community of writers) by the 15th of November. No ideas so far. I will be entering a random poem I wrote for a class I took over the summer.

    I’m also going to enter Will Destroy for Food into CBC’s short story contest (, and I’m going to submit it to the Canadian sci-fi magazine AE ( when their submissions open for their next issue.

    Finished our Halloween costumes. It’s not really happening this year but we’re still getting together with some families from our son’s daycare to do a socially-distanced trick-or-treat thing in a city park, so at least the kids get something. Our son (who turned three in July) has insisted since February that we were all going as ducks for Halloween. So that’s what we did.

    Started a massive edit and rewriting of Ribbon Road. Slower to start, and a lot of collating all the ideas I have had and applying them to earlier chapters while really focusing on how the characters are driving the plot. Will be some fairly major changes but the overall plot should remain the same. Currently working on revising the first chapter. Edited every day.