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    Adam Jarvis

    October 9, 2020 at 2:40 am

    Haven’t updated this in a while. Kept writing too late and forgetting. Also felt a bit ill yesterday so went to bed early and discovered lack of this thing called sleep is what my body was complaining about.

    But … just over 8400 words over the five days since my last update. The second part of Ribbon Road is now at over 22,000 words, just 4000 to go to hit the 26K goal. The way the story is shaping up I should come pretty close.

    (A discovery: It’s interesting the way the word count goal has streamlined this draft. Where, in previous books, I have sometimes taken the time to meander with my characters and let them do the equivalent of sitting on a porch chatting about the plot, with this story I have kept the word limit in the back of my mind and pushed the pace, finding ways to integrate my desired main plot points and character development in and amongst the terrible things I was doing to them. I think, and hope, it’s turned out for the better, but of course won’t know until I go back and read the thing to edit it.)

    I’d mentioned the nature of the story changing, that the target age and market was in question. This second part, as I’ve been writing it, has turned out significantly darker (and bloodier) than the first, which definitely puts this inside the YA category, though probably still at the younger end (think 13, 14, maybe 15 years old). I’ve updated Barbara’s age to twelve-going-on-thirteen to reflect this, and will need to consider this change as I do the edit of this draft.