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    Jan Carr

    October 5, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    What Nicole said re ep 26 and rewriting blurbs is a really good point. So none of these are wasted, Jac! One thing I’ve noticed which may make you want to throw something at me but thinking of John Yorke, his road map of change and how characters change through a story whether they’re big changes or small changes. How does Jack change? Looks to me he goes from house-breaker to detective? Could you focus on that? You have actually said as much in the blurb but maybe make it more explicit so the blurb is even more character focussed than plot focussed? And will the person in the stove pipe hat help or hinder him? I always come back to the fact that stories are about characters so the weather is great scene setting but have I missed how it specifically impacts Jack’s challenge to find the real culprit?