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    Nicole Muchowski

    October 4, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    In the dash to meet my Sept goal, all my writing time went to writing. I did not complete a course this week. I barely managed to check in on Academates. I may have missed or double counted word bank entries.

    I can say that the desire to write something every day is strong. Someone here? or maybe on the BXP podcast mentioned touch-typing? I gave it a go. Yaowza! What a fun way to write. I shut my eyes and picture the scene and type. Not seeing the squiggly red line helps me to forge ahead without losing the flow.

    Also, shout out to Mark Stay who’s comment near the end of the coaching session on 28-Sep was a huge help. When I feel the energy of the MS is low/dull/not going anywhere:

    “What is the most exciting thing that could happen next?” It was the nugget of wisdom I needed! 🤗