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    Pippa Hillebrand

    October 3, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    [2020/10/03] Oh goodness, October already! Also, how is it already the 3rd, of October? My sense of the passage of time is messing with me. Anyway, writing updates. 30th I wrote, but longhand plotting, and I didn’t log because I was trying to stay away from the computer in the evening. 1st I took as an off day. 2nd (yesterday) was DnD day, writing for Eish is hard, because I spend roughly 3 hours doing on-the-fly story telling as I take my players through encounters.

    And then today. Today has been a good day. I got in some solid editing time, realising that there is a *lot* of history going on in the current chapters, but that’s probably as it should be. Ash needs to learn this history. Tomorrow I’m going to have a tough time of the edits, because some of the actions in the next couple of pages of NaNo draft are a bit disconnected.

    And, I came across a weirdly fun descriptor, which I ended up cutting, but wanted to record. “The history he has just told her seems plausible, but there are so many holes in it that you could sell it as lace.”