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    Jac Harmon

    October 2, 2020 at 9:26 am

    September Goal Review:

    7,000 words p/w was too ambitious especially when editing

    The novel has been uploaded into Scrivener

    I completed and edited one short story.

    Reading. notes and research are ongoing.

    Monday reporting has become Thursday reporting.

    October Goals:

    To edit for at least an hour, and to write 200 words every day.

    To continue identifying plot holes, inconsistencies etc in Draft 1.

    To undertake any research as required.

    To submit 1 short story.

    To edit 2 short stories.

    Week 2 October – 8 October

    Edit a minimum of two chapters.

    Work on clues/red herrings/suspects.

    Edit 1 short story and research likely places for submission