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    Brian Liew [YA-SF-GrimDark]

    September 15, 2020 at 9:53 am

    Thanks, Pippa.

    You are correct in that the stories are happening simultaneously. On Sunday, in fact, I had to sit down with my map and matrix of distances between towns and work out: the ship wreck in Artha happened on this date, news of the wreck will get to the capital city of Artha on this date and be sent back to Kunna on the next ship, meaning that ship will arrive in Derogony on this date. And, as if I had planned this thing, that date neatly lined up with other things happening in Derogony. Likewise, I had to work out how long it would take for the news to reach the school and again, as if I had planned it, it got there just after a certain important event. Seems my muse knows what the hell is going on Upside Down

    Big themes seem to be doubt and confusion.

    Another weird thing I noticed, all the characters start off in a confined space of some sort (the Castle of the Heir, Derogony in inside a caldera, Jossis is in a cove, the Sanctuary is a kind of castle as well). This is not me forcing an allegory on the characters ‘coming out’ in any fashion, but English teachers will likely tell their poor students that that is exactly what I was doing Upside Down

    I’ll give this another go on the weekend.