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    Denise Ganley

    September 12, 2020 at 3:57 am

    Hi Liz, I personally am not a big fan of names that are too on the nose, but I know a lot of authors do it. I love naming characters (and house spiders, stuffed animals, cars, plants, etc.) and would be happy to name all the characters ever. Lol. I use a lot. I think about who the person is, maybe what ethnicity they are or how they grew up or choose names based on their meaning, and then find something from those lists. For last names, I often do a similar thing and choose by ethnicity and might google something like “common Polish surnames”. A friend of mine uses the website for American names, and just figures out what year their character would have been born in and picks something from the list. I knew one person that used names that came in his spam email, which is like replacing the ancient ‘flip open a phone book randomly’ option. And there are always name generators. I don’t know if that helps…it might if you are a know it when you see it kind of person. It might not if you just have trouble deciding among options.