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    Sandra Hunter

    September 12, 2020 at 3:15 am

    I pretty much have only the evenings to write. I’m now learning at the Academy (and learning my way around the Academy 🙂 Dealing with a certain COVID lethargy as well (like many are, I’m sure..) At the middle of my book now and debating whether to go back to the beginning and edit (I feel the current plotline needs to be foreshadowed more) or should I just persevere to the finish line and then go back and edit like heck. Also, Mark, I’m a panster writer—usually it’s fun, but just when I was certain major character must sacrifice herself at the end of the book (had this scene planned in my head) I’m now wondering if her demise would be too much. So. Major decision to make before too much longer and I’m malingering over this. Constant editing/few words right now.