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    Robyn Sarty

    September 10, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    You think Talia and Tasya are too similar? to me their structure is very different, the LI and the SY go in opposite directions so I don’t see it. But can see about finding a different name for the grandmother is it’s a problem. Only spent 40 minutes on that last night!

    I think the explanation of it being Russian and WWII is enough for the blurb, otherwise it bogs down with too many details. More is explained in the book.

    Will add “Late grandmother” earlier in the blurb to clarify she’s no longer alive. What do you mean about the setting? It’s based around the airfield as described in the blurb.

    Hmm, I’ll play around with those paragraphs and see what I can tweak.

    Thanks for the notes!